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Sleepy Hollow star teases the 'single story' that will drive the rest of S1

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Nov 4, 2013, 3:30 PM EST

The first season of Fox’s surprise hit Sleepy Hollow has done a good job of weaving in monster-of-the-week stories with the show’s bigger mythology, but it sounds like things are about to get a lot more focused.

In a chat with Entertainment Weekly, star Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane) teased that the season-long threads they’ve been planting in the first half of season one will be taking center stage as it barrels into the last half of its freshman run.

Here’s an excerpt, where he teases the “disastrous avalanche” to come:

“We’re fast approaching the end. But I spoke to [Sleepy creator] Alex Kurtzman the other day. We had a long conversation where he explained in fine detail what’s happening in this season and the plans for season 2. And at the end of the phone call, every hair on my arms was standing on end. It really, really snowballs into a big avalanche, a disastrous avalanche for everyone. The next episode, the one that brings us back from the break, is I think one that we’re all incredibly proud of, and that’s the arrival of John Noble. That starts shifting us away from the episodic structure of the first half of the season and then gets into a really strong, clear single story, which plows through to the very end. And the season finale, I mean, it killed me when he was telling me about that.”

The deeper arcs have really been the strength of the series, and it’s great to see they’ll be doubling down as they head toward the end.

But, what about the ‘shippers? Mison was also asked about fans who are pulling for his character and cop partner Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) to become an item, and he (smartly) played coy on how he thinks it’ll play out:

“Well, you’re going to start seeing a lot more of Katrina, and a lot more of their relationship in the past. And you’ll kind of understand why their relationship is so strong. Of course, Ichabod and Abbie, that’s just lovely, isn’t it? That’s just a wonderful pairing. I wouldn’t like to pick sides, because I know that there are very strong opinions on both sides, and I wouldn’t like to upset either camp.”

New episodes resume tonight on Fox. Where do you want to see the series go over the next few weeks?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)