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Sleepy Hollow's Abbie promises 'sacrifices will be made'

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Jan 20, 2014

When the two-hour Sleepy Hollow finale airs, expect loyalties to be tested and sacrifices to be made, according to Nicole Beharie, who plays Abbie Mills on the Fox series.

“Right now, with the season finale, we have a lot of massive fish to fry,” Beharie said during a conference call with journalists.

“We're being really coy. We can't really give it away. But it's for the greater good. The fans, they deserve to get the full range of surprises, and we do have quite a bit of them. I will say that John Noble's in the cast, Victor Garber,” she said.

“Basically the story starts off where Abbie and Crane unearth secrets in the Bible, as you guys saw at the end of the last episode, and they discover new things about the nature of George Washington's death. And that basically sends them on a mad hunt, and that hunt tests some loyalties, and there are sacrifices made and all kinds of stuff. That's about all I can tell you,” said Beharie.

The hit Fox series follows Ichabod Crane and a cop named Abbie Mills battling the Headless Horseman, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and a variety of demons in a modern-day Sleepy Hollow to stave off the coming Apocalypse. Last week they faced one very nasty demon and discovered that Washington's Bible held very dark secrets.

When the series began, Beharie didn't want to know much about what was in store for her character.

“They gave us an outline of options to know where it was going. I just basically asked, at the beginning, for any information that I needed to know that Abbie would have known when they're uncovering things about her past. I wanted to know that. But as far as what was going to happen with each demonic entity or each monster or each level of fighting the Apocalypse, I didn't really want to know that. I wanted to discover that as we moved along. And I think each writer brought something new, so even when we had an idea of what the next episode was going to be, we had no idea how it would actually come to fruition,” she said.

“And I have to say that looking from the pilot to now to the finale, it's drastically different. I know I feel like Abbie has grown so much and changed so much. It's a drastically different world that we're living in now, and I love that, that everything keeps changing and evolving,” said Beharie.

That includes her own character, who began as a cynical young cop who wanted to get out of Sleepy Hollow and become a profiler at Quantico. In the beginning, “she's not really too concerned about what anybody thinks, because she had a hard life. She has secrets and she should have secrets. We've only in season one chipped some of that off. But I think there's potential for more there,” she said.

“I think people in the beginning were like, 'Does she like [Ichabod]? Is she being a B.I.T.C.H.? No. It's just what anyone would do. It's like, 'You're crazy. I'm committing you.' So to play that straight could have been a risk, but I think it also helped ground things,” said Beharie.

She's come to understand that “she has a larger purpose ... and she has to serve it. Her mind is completely blown open. She's done so many things she could have never imagined. Seen things that … what's going on in this world underneath our day-to-day lives. Understanding that what you were, what you thought you knew is not actually all there is. It's a huge thing. I think it's a huge theme to the show. She's basically given over to that now. She's not cynical. She is cautious, but she is no longer cynical about what they're doing. She's in it now. Now it's just about serving that purpose. I feel like everything has changed,” she said.

And that includes her clothing ensemble, admitted Beharie. “I think she started like in a cop uniform, and then we were in the jeans, and now it's like yoga clothes. It's like she's getting more and more comfortable in her skin and thinking outside the box. She was like very narrow about the resources that she was willing to use to get answers, and now you see her breaking into homes and breaking the rules. It's changed from being by-the-book and wanting to go to Quantico and become a profiler to being like, 'Okay, we're witnesses to the Apocalypse, and that means anything, we can do whatever we want. We're fighting for good.'”

As far as where the story is now with tonight's big two-hour finale, “All I can say is it's drastically different from where we started, where we're going. And I don't think anyone will expect what we uncover. That's a horrible answer,” she said with a laugh.

“I'm really fortunate that the writers are creating such complex backstories for us, for us all. They're not just creating complex emotional scenes. It's like going somewhere. You better believe it's going somewhere. So there's a payoff eventually. It's so worth it.”

Sleepy Hollow has been picked up for a second season, which is expected to premiere next fall.

Here's a look at the finale:

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