Sleepy Hollow's finally gonna deal with the big thing that's been bothering fans

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Nov 6, 2013, 2:47 PM EST

You know that little thing that’s been bothering quite a few Sleepy Hollow fans? The one where Ichabod’s (Tom Mison) still wearing those 200-year old 18th-century clothes?

Well, that’s about to be addressed.

Alex Kurtzman, one of Sleepy Hollow’s creators and executive producers, has told TVLine that the famous character will shed his trademark period frock before the end of the season.

Yep, you’ve heard that right. Our pal Icchy will be strippin' down. But there’s a slight twist (isn't there always?). First off, this’ll only be temporary. Why is that? Kurtzman says:

“Ichabod’s clothes are his security blanket, his tie to the past. That being said, he will soon discover the joys of dry cleaning and the grave injustice of the bill that accompanies it.”

Ho ho! The joys of dry cleaning! How … fun. This will mark the first time Ichabod Crane’s clothes will have been cleaned since emerging moth-like from the ground after spending over 200 years buried in a cave. These clothes must be very moldy and rank: It's a surprise that they're not falling off his body! (NOT that we'd mind, of course. And to be fair, they did get a bit of a wash back in episode two.)

What will Ichabod wear in the meanwhile? That’s definitely open for debate, so sound off below!

So do you guys think it’s about time that Ichabod changes clothes, or are you of a mind (like us) that his 18th-century garb is what makes the man?

(via TVLine)