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The Slender Man trailer now haunts the internet: See the first teaser

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Jan 3, 2018, 10:28 AM EST

Adding a trailer to its new poster, the Slender Man movie creeps ever closer and ever more potent.

The creepypasta-turned-video-game is the tall, dark, and horrifying alternative to mainstream horror fare. Created by Eric Knudsen (now going by Victor Surge) back in 2009, the subject has already gotten the documentary treatment by HBO after a disturbing real-life incident. But now the focus is pure scares.

Take a look:

With its titular monster played by lanky workhorse Javier Botet (who’s recently played xenomorphs, mummies, and evil clowns) and horror breakouts like Annalise Basso (from the surprisingly great Ouija sequel) and Joey King (the original Conjuring movie), the film is poised for a smash.

Utilizing a cast as strong as its scares, the striking suburban forests of the film look to be as impactful as the story’s online reach. Director Sylvain White — whose genre bona fides include episodes of Sleepy Hollow and The Originals — stuffs the trailer with quick-cut horror imagery, replete with needles and bugs, to build up the pure discomfort associated with the encroaching being in a suit.

The Slender Man strikes in the woods, but the film looks like it will also follow the psychological ramifications of his presence in the lives of its central characters.

Slender Man comes out (and possibly for you) on May 18.