Smallfoot trailer says it's true: Humans exist

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Apr 24, 2018, 9:35 PM EDT

Half a year after we first sighted the mythical teaser for Smallfoot out in the wilderness, the yetis have come home to roost in a full trailer for the upcoming animated film, all about the unknown.

Warner Bros.' round and friendly animation, under the direction of Chicken Run and Over the Hedge's Karey Kirkpatrick, allows Channing Tatum’s soft and well-meaning Bigfoot, Migo, to shout and gambol amicably while telling his tribe about his mysterious sighting of the legendary critter known as Smallfoot.

These regular people -- including one played by a gibbering James Corden -- are the subject of much speculation from the yetis, including crackpot theories willing to believe in their (our) existence. Zendaya, Common, LeBron James, and Gina Rodriguez also star. 

Sounds Fun, no? Take a look:

Echoing plenty of Monsters, Inc. jokes, the film sees monsters just as interested in humans as we are in them -- and then our worlds colliding. When Migo travels to the bottom of the mountain, seeing not only a human town below, but green trees and karaoke bars, there’s bound to be some silly conflict.

The film, with all its benign humor, reversed mythology, and hammered-home original music, rides an avalanche into theaters on Sep. 28.