Smallville alum Laura Vandervoort coming to CBS’s Supergirl

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Jan 11, 2016, 6:15 PM EST

CBS’s Supergirl has already gotten away with some fun, on-the-nose casting in its first season — and they’re about to go a whole lot deeper down the rabbit hole.

Laura Vandervoort, who previously played Kara/Supergirl on The CW’s Smallville series, has joined CBS’s Supergirl in the recurring role of Indigo, described by producers as “a living, strong-willed supercomputer that was sentenced to Fort Rozz after turning against the people of Krypton.” Now that she’s made it to Earth, Indigo will let nothing stand in her way. The casting was confirmed by Warner Bros. at the Television Critics Association Winter 2016 press tour on Monday afternoon.

Vandervoort is a fun genre actress, and having her go toe to toe with Melissa Benoist’s version of Supergirl should make for a geek-tastic thrill ride. As far as DC alums are concerned, Vandervoort joins a long line of them. The original Supergirl, Helen Slater, already has a recurring role as as Kara’s adopted mother Eliza Danvers, and the former small-screen Superman, Dean Cain, plays her adopted father Jeremiah.

Along with Vandervoort, the series has also added Jeff Branson (The Young and the Restless) in the recurring role of Master Jailer. He’s described as a “forceful and unrelenting jail guard on Fort Rozz” who “showed no mercy.” Now on Earth, he is “hellbent on catching all of the Fort Rozz escapees and brutally bringing them to justice.” So, perhaps an ally for Supergirl? Or maybe his tactics prove to be a bit too brutal for the Super Gang?

What do you think about the casting additions? Good move for CBS?