Smiles and screams await in four all-new Archie Comics one-shots

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May 5, 2017, 12:01 PM EDT (Updated)

Ever since the launch of the masterful horror series Afterlife With Archie in 2013 and the rebooted Riverdale in 2015’s Archie, Archie Comics has been stunning fans with the quality of content in both their horror and main lines. But the all-American gang isn’t done yet!

As teased last week, and revealed today on Entertainment Weekly, the publisher will be releasing four new one-shots by fan-favorite creative teams featuring new stories in both the all-ages and mature-readers universes. In March 2017, the publisher will release Jughead: The Hunger, The Archies, Little Archies and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, and we have all the details on the new stories. Check out all the covers below, and let us know which of Archie Comics’ new one-shots you'll be picking up or if you're reading any of their current series in the comments!


First up, everyone’s favorite crown-wearing teen is set to devour his hometown in Jughead: The Hunger, which will explore the dark—and given the cover, possibly lycanthropic?—origins of Forsythe P. Jones’ infamously voracious appetite. This story will be written by Frank Tieri (The Hangman) with art and a cover by Michael Walsh (X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever), but it remains unclear how (if at all) it will fit into the current story arc in Afterlife with Archie, where Jughead is the undead leader of a zombie horde.


Hitting a more musical note, The Archies will be focusing on the new Archie’s burgeoning career as a guitarist and vocalist, and how his friends become involved. This update of one of the most beloved elements of the Archie franchise will be co-written by Alex Segura, fresh off of this year’s Archie Meets the Ramones, and Matthew Rosenberg, writer of Marvel’s upcoming Kingpin, with art by Joe Eisma, who proved his teenage-dram chops on Image hit Morning Glories. To top it all off, the issue will feature a cover by legendary Love and Rockets artist Jaime Hernandez.


If all this seems to serious for you, then you’ll be happy to know that the third one-shot, Little Archies, is sure to bring the laughs. It’s a time-honored Archie tradition to tell stories about the Riverdale crew as kids, and this time, they’ve got the perfect guys for the job: Art Baltazar and Franco. The creative duo behind Tiny Titans, Itty Bitty Hellboy, Aw Yeah Comics and many more all-ages classics will be bringing their patented cartoon hilarity to Archie Comics this March.


Last but not least, the new Riverdale will be getting a bit more magical with a one-shot for Sabrina, the Teenage Witch by co-written by Katie Cook (My Little Pony) and Franco, with art by Andy Price (My Little Pony) and a cover by Sandra Lanz (House Girls). The character is currently featured in the horror series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina but this will follow the “new Riverdale” version, following her recent appearances in Jughead. This story will feature her first day at public—and non-magical—school.