Smith on the end of the Eleventh Doctor: Moffat is 'going to make it hurt'

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Jul 21, 2013, 12:49 PM EDT

Matt Smith’s “Conversations for a Cause” appearance at Zachary Levi’s Nerd HQ on Saturday was likely to be his last, at least as the Eleventh Doctor. But that doesn’t mean the actor will be a stranger to his American fans. In fact: He confirmed during a Q&A with Doctor Who companion Jenna Coleman and showrunner Stephen Moffat that after he regenerates he plans to move to the U.S. “for a bit.”

In the meantime, however, Smith assured people he’s still got until Christmas.

“I’m not dead yet!”

To which Moffat immediately jumped in: “I’m on page 22. It’s getting closer.”

“Absolutely no sensitivity,” Smith said.

Audiences can expect no sensitivity, no melodrama, no mercy from Moffat when he does finish the script for the Christmas special, in which the bow-tied Doctor meets his doom. Moff, as Matt Smith calls him, scoffed at an audience member’s plea that he be gentle, especially for those recovering from David Tennant’s departure.

“As for being gentle? Why? It’s drama. Isn’t its job to make you react? When you watch a comedy is it ‘Could you not make it so funny this time? I’m really tired from laughing last time.’ It’s got to be moving and emotional.”

This time it was Smith’s turn to interject: “He’s going to make it hurt.”

And it’s not going to be anything like Tennant’s departure. Remember when the Donna’s grandfather, played by Bernard Cribbins, was trapped in a radiation box and the Doctor sacrificed himself to save him? You might be choking up a little just recalling his words: “I don’t want to go.”

Yeah, Moffat, who inherited the show from the far more sentimental Russell T Davies, is a stone-cold cynic. Here’s what Moffat told the crowd:

“If I'd been Bernard Cribbins in that thing, I'd be saying, ‘Doctor, I'm actually going to die. You're going to get a bit younger and stupider hair, OK? You can let me out and you can get a reset. Selfish bastard."

While we’re speaking about goodbyes and swan songs, Moffat said we’re likely never going to see that final date night on Darillium with the Doctor and River Song, the one where he cries because he knows she’s going to die/get digitized on a library planet.

The reason: Moffat’s too prudish to put the Doctor and River in a room alone together. That said, he might change his mind. 

”I always felt that there were certain things between the Doctor and River that we should never see. So, I don’t know. He sort of said his goodbye in ‘The Name of the Doctor.’ There’s always the possibility, because it’s always out of sequence and you can do anything you like with that. It’s a tough one. I remember I wrote some extra scenes for the DVDs and all that we had available were Alex and Matt, so I had to write scenes for the Doctor and River alone in the T.A.R.D.I.S. and I go, ‘Dear God, that’s the situation I’m always tring to avoid for obvious reasons.’ What does that woman do to him the moment the door is shut? What were they doing that night in Durillion. There are somet things surely the Time Lord must keep to himself.

“The implication is that she had met many more Doctors than just the two of them, so it’s always possible. But I quite liked the goodbye in 'The Name of the Doctor,' and I think there should always be stuff that we never saw, and I don’t just mean that as a laugh.”

One final thing: Moffat’s a little jealous that Jenna Coleman dropped her hyphenated name Louise, so from now on he wants you to call him “Stephen Fat.”