The Smithsonian is asking Star Trek fans for help to restore an original Enterprise model

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Sep 9, 2015, 3:56 PM EDT

The National Air and Space Museum is opening its hailing frequencies and asking fans for help. They need original pics or footage of their original Enterprise model — which has already gone through eight different restorations ever since it was built in 1964, by the way — so that they can restore it to all its August 1967 glory. Yep, it’s that specific.

Star Trek fans made first contact with the ship in 1972, when a model was featured at Golden West College in Huntington Beach, Calif., during Space Week (a 10-day gathering of space-related activities). Then, in 1974 through 1975, the ship was put on display in the Smithsonian’s Arts & Industries Building in Washington, D.C., while the National Air and Space Museum’s new home base was being built on Independence Avenue.

Museum conservators are now currently hard at work on the ship, and they’re in need of primary source photos and footage to use as reference for the ambitious project, which is to replicate what the Enterprise looked like during and after the cult-classic episode "The Trouble With Tribbles." It was, apparently, the last time the model was altered throughout the rest of the run of Star Trek: The Original Series.

Before you guys send anything, be aware that the Smithsonian is specifically looking for firsthand, original pics or film of the ship during its construction and the show’s filming, or when it was on public display before 1976. No screencaps from the TV series or images found online will be beamed aboard the project. If you’ve got your hands on those precious primary sources, please send a message to StarshipEnterprise@si.edu.

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