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Smushed zombies and a moment of humanity on Fear the Walking Dead

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Sep 2, 2018, 10:00 PM EDT

In This Episode...

We follow June and Al post-hurricane. The SWAT van is out of diesel, and after a few days June finally convinces Al to leave the van and go look for supplies. Along the way, Al becomes sick. They find a truck and head out in that, but soon see the van zoom by them. Al insists June give chase, and they do -- until their tire blows out. Al desperately wants her van back and convinces June to go after it, promising that the medicine she needs is in the van.

June finds the van, but the guy who stole it, Quinn, finds her first and holds her at gunpoint. They fight and June gains the upper hand, kicking out Quinn and telling him to walk away. June can't find any meds but reaches Al on the walkie, who admits she was lying. June returns to Al with some meds she found on a nearby crashed bus, but she is furious that Al lied to her. She softens when Al admits she has taped interviews with many of her friends and family on the van.


Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Morgan has been hunting for his friends desperately with the walkie-talkie. June finally hears him give their location -- just as her walkie goes dead. She insists on meeting up with him, but Al, feeling better, wants her van. She leaves, but only for about 18 seconds. Then she changes her mind, hops in the car, and heads with June to meet Morgan.

The ladies meet Morgan and his new buddies. Before they leave, June makes a call to Quinn with an apology and an invitation for him to join them. He accepts -- but quickly discovers that someone has relabeled the mile markers. He is at 21 when he should be at 27. It's all a trap by the "filthy woman" (as she is described on the AMC website), who kills Quinn, sets Purvis free, and keeps Quinn as her new pet zombie. 

Moment of humanity

June feels bad for breaking bad against Quinn. When she has her head on straight, she calls him on the walkie and apologizes. Then she suggests he join them, promising they have everything he could need. Quinn responds positively, proving that he is a good human who has been screwed over. Of course, it ends up that June's suggestion was like a siren song, but that isn't her fault.


Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Mystery woman's threat

Morgan runs across the Filthy Woman, who is digging through one of the boxes he has left. Not knowing who she is, he assures her the box is not a trick -- it helped him. She insists she doesn't need help, that she isn't weak. Morgan apologizes and realizes he should leave, so he continues on. She rethinks things and, almost like an apology, calls out, "You're right, things are tough out here. You should be careful." It starts out apologetic, but by the end, that is a threat if I ever heard one. Then, once Morgan is gone, she puts some dirty standing water in one of the water bottles. Joke's on her, though, if it doesn't make someone sick.

Zombie antics

Some really fun zombie appearances tonight. First, the zombie who frees himself from a mud puddle by ripping off his own leg. Then he attacks Al, who, after failing to stab him properly, shoves him under the car, kicks away the jack, and crushes his head beneath the wheel. As a cherry atop the rotting sundae, there is the hood ornament zombie. I thought that Sarah put him on the hood of the big rig as a statement, Mad Max-style. But no, she was just lucky enough for it to stick like that.


Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Are Sarah and Wendell buddies now?

Has Morgan forgiven them for kidnapping him? They seem to be buddies already. I mean, they never really came across as villains, more of opportunists. While I don't think Morgan trusts them, he seems to have accepted them.