Snake Plissken's Escape From New York lifeclock gets an official Kickstarter campaign

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Nov 4, 2016, 1:25 PM EDT

In John Carpenter's Escape From New York,  Kurt Russell's Snake Plissken reluctantly agrees to a suicide mission to rescue the president inside the futuristic super-max penitentiary of Manhattan Island. Before he boards his stealth glider, Lee Van Cleef's Hauk slaps a 24-hour countdown timer/tracer onto his wrist, indicating how much time he has until his pardon deal dies if he's unsuccessful. Snake delivers with seconds to spare, of course, but has a little surprise for the presdent, who shows no compasssion for all the human lives his rescue cost.

Lifeclock One is a new venture by The Ridgewood Watch Company to produce an exact screen replica of Plissken's smartwatch from the iconic sci-fi thriller and has filmed an impressive Kickstarter campaign video, cleverly edited with authentic sets and actual footage from the film. The tough retro timepiece has been meticulously re-created and upgraded with other features, such as a six time-zone display with date, stopwatch, pedometer and a built-in compass and weather readout. It also links up with your Apple ioS or Android mobile device to get incoming call alerts, text messages and notifications. Machined from solid brass and matched with a quality leather strap, this makes your shiny new ultra-modern smartwatch look pathetic when compared.

Check out the professional presentation video below and tell us if this officially licensed, LED-lit Snake Plissken Lifeclock might find a new home on your arm. They're priced at $399-$799 for various special editions, with delivery expected in May of 2017.

(Via Fashionably Geek)