Snarky video tallies Green Lantern movie's 76,000 (really!) sins

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May 28, 2013

When it comes to bad superhero movies, Green Lantern is an easy target. Everything from the casting to costumes and story can be picked apart. We're surprised the folks at Cinema Sins were able to squeeze all its faults into a short video.

In six minutes or less, they list the film's problems, starting with its questionable DC logo. There are also a lot of editing issues: i.e. a bright sunny day that magically becomes night. Plus the filmmakers' obsession with making everything CGI, even Hal's mask. Was that necessary?

Also, they point out how most of its "meaningful" dialogue was ripped from somewhere else (other superhero movies, former presidents, etc.). Because of that, Green Lantern received a sin tally of 76,000. That has to be some type of record.

Watch the breakdown below:

Do you agree with their judgment?

(via CinemaSins)

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