Sneak Peek: Green Arrow #4

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Aug 1, 2016

The rebirth of Green Arrow continues in DC Comics this week as the Emerald Archer's adventures continue in Issue 4 of the re-launched title written by Benjamin Percy.

In the new installment, available Wednesday, Aug. 3, Oliver Queen's life has fallen apart, and he has to break into his own company for answers. The criminal act puts him at odds with Seattle police and sets up a face-off on a bridge against an old frenemy. Meanwhile, Black Canary is on her own quest to investigate Oliver's downfall -- and that leads her straight to the doors of Inferno, a mysterious supervillain haven that receives regular shipments of homeless people kidnapped by Underground Men.

We have a sneak peek at the actions from Green Arrow #4 below. Published by DC Comics, it is written by Benjamin Percy, with art and cover by Juan Ferreyra, and with a variant cover by Neal Adams. Check it out, and if you dig what you see, pick it up this Wednesday.

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