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Sneak Peek: Todd McFarlane reveals Spawn Vault Edition art book

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:12 AM EDT (Updated)

Seeing the original art pages used to create comics is like getting a peek at a chef's secret recipe. The notations, corrections and minute details of the pencils are there for you to see up close. Fans of Todd McFarlane's Spawn will get their chance to see the secret sauce behind the legendary Image Comics antihero with the release of the Spawn Vault Edition on July 26.

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Timed to the 25th anniversary of McFarlane's signature creation, this oversized hardcover is an early Christmas present for original art nerds. It contains high-quality scans of artwork from the first seven issues of Spawn, penciled and inked by McFarlane. If you're a Spawn fan, seeing the original art used for the cover of issue #1 may give you heart palpitations.

What makes this book extra-special is that these pages have never been seen before! (Well, unless McFarlane invited you over to Casa Todd to show them off.)

McFarlane OA occupies rarefied air in comic art collecting circles. His work on The Amazing Spider-Man and, later, Spider-Man fetch absurd prices when pages hit the open market. His cover art for Amazing #328 set a record when it sold at auction for $657,250!

Because of his enormous success in comics and the toy biz, McFarlane has been able to hold on to virtually ALL of the original art he penciled and inked from Spawn ... which means there's a lot of demand for Spawn pages, and no supply. Which is why when the occasional Spawn original art page does wind up on the open market -- like this one from issue #33 that was also penciled by Greg Capullo -- art collectors will empty their pockets for it.

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McFarlane showed off the art book for the first time during an extensive interview with SYFY WIRE. Along with showing some of the little details and notes on the pages -- like the rival comics publisher's art pages he used -- he compared looking at his early Spawn art to thumbing through a family photo album.

The Spawn Vault Edition is a signed and numbered limited edition. Each one is autographed, and a few randomly selected copies will even have a sketch by McFarlane. Here's the pre-order link.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think of seeing classic Spawn art in its full black & white glory.

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