SNL's Fred Armisen teases some Portlandia Battlestar surprises

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Dec 16, 2012, 12:07 PM EST

Saturday Night Live's Fred Armisen promises you're not going to want to miss the latest episode of his sketch comedy show, Portlandia, which airs on IFC tonight at 10 p.m. ET. The series, which features Armisen and Sleater-Kinney singer Carrie Brownstein as different characters in Portland, tackles sacred sci-fi territory: Battlestar Galactica.

"One Moore Episode" features a three-part sketch and "the last part you're going to want to see," said Armisen in an exclusive interview with Blastr. "I'm not saying it as hype, like, 'Hey, you got to check it out.' I mean there's something that happens that Battlestar fans are going to be happy about."

So what might be so big that no Battlestar fan would want to miss?

"Just that there might be some cast members of Battlestar Galactica in it," he said.

"As a fan of the show, I was very star-struck," said Armisen. "I don't always get that way. Sometimes I do. But for this, to see the amount of people that I did all in the same space, that was like, 'Whoa.' But it was good. We're happy with how it all turned out."

The Portlandia episode follows Doug (Armisen) and Claire (Brownstein) as they decide to be late for a birthday party to watch just one episode of Battlestar from a new DVD set. However, what starts out as just "one more episode" turns into a massive marathon session that has an extreme and very funny impact on their lives. The title, "One Moore Episode," refers to creator Ronald D. Moore, who Doug and Claire have plans for in the episode.

While the initial concept was about getting caught up in a TV marathon, it didn't take long for the writers, including Armisen, to settle on the perfect addictive show to feature.

According to Armisen, a show like Lost wouldn't work because it's too big. "Something like Battlestar, it's very fan-driven, so we thought that would be more appropriate."

"It's something that you absolutely have to see episode after episode. It is one of those shows where they did it just right, where they leave you hanging at the last one, and almost in an angry way. You know what I mean? They lead into something and you're like, 'Dammit! You can't do that to me!' You almost get mad at it, like, 'You can't leave it like that.' You know? Yeah, they really, they made it exactly, exactly right," said Armisen.

Armisen admits that he knows all too well what it's like to get trapped in that kind of a television marathon session.

"For me it never stops. Especially really, really late at night. I find that when you watch a show until really late, sometimes your eyes start to sting," he said. As for Battlestar, "I went through it on iTunes. I downloaded a whole season."

The comedian considers himself a "selective" sci-fi fan. "It's not every corner of science fiction. It's certain things that have story and have characters that are interesting that I like," he said.

As for Portlandia, which began its second season last week, Armisen hopes to draw Battlestar fans over to the comedic side.

"This is something that is definitely a love letter to that show. It's a love note. It's a sort of extension, shaking hands to that show. So it's for Battlestar Galactica fans. If you like the newer version of the show, this is definitely a bridge between the two: Portlandia and Battlestar Galactica."

Here's a look at the opening of "One Moore Episode":

Portlandia airs on IFC on Friday nights at 10 p.m. ET.

So are you going to check it out?