Snow White NOT the fairest of all: Universal drops Kristen Stewart

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Dec 17, 2012

Snow White is out of a job. Universal Pictures has decided to scrap their plans for a sequel to last June's Snow White and the Huntsman. Instead, they're gearing up for a spinoff that will focus more on her ax-wielding companion.

According to a Universal spokesperson, "The studio is currently exploring options to continue the franchise." Unfortunately, those options will have nothing to do with Kristen Stewart. They're shifting toward a Huntsman movie, and the actress won't be asked back. All the focus will be on the Chris Hemsworth character.

Up until recently, a Snow White and the Huntsman followup was secure with Stewart, Hemsworth and director Rupert Sanders expected to return. But now that's not the case. Stewart's out, and it's unclear whether Sanders will still be involved.

David Koepp was originally hired to write the sequel, but is being settled out of his contract. They're currently looking for someone new to take the series in another direction. In the beginning, the plan was to make two Snow White-centric films, followed by a Huntsman spinoff. But as you can see, they've flipped the script.

Universal hasn't fully explained why Stewart was given the boot. But considering recent events, we can take a wild guess.

Are you surprised Stewart was cut? Are you interested in a Huntsman movie?

(via The Hollywood Reporter)