Snowpiercer director's cut to finally get U.S. release! (but there's a catch)

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Feb 7, 2014, 1:20 PM EST

Director Bong Joon-Ho has spent the past several months duking it out with distributor Harvey Weinstein over the final cut of his acclaimed South Korean sci-fi movie Snowpiercer. Well, the battle is over — and here’s what's going to happen.

Deadline is reporting that the director and distribution company have came to an agreement to allow Joon-Ho to have final cut — meaning that the heavily edited, dumbed-down “action cut” that had been proposed will apparently not happen. That's good. But the film will not be getting a wide release as was originally planned. That's bad.

Instead, the film will now receive a limited release in some major cities, which will likely serve as a proving ground to see how Joon-Ho’s longer cut is received by audiences. If things go well, you’d have to think Weinstein would roll it out gradually to more U.S. markets, especially when you factor in the accomplished cast of Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton and John Hurt.

Though it’ll obviously limit the film’s potential audience, most fans will likely be at least somewhat pleased with the outcome. It’ll be harder to see the movie (which sucks), but it’ll at least be the version Joon-Ho intended. We’ve been waiting a long while to figure out what the heck would happen with this flick, and if nothing else, we’re glad we have an answer.

So, call it a win. Mostly. Here’s hoping we’ll hear about some major city release dates sometime soon.

What do you think of the compromise? Are you at least moderately happy with how this turned out?

(Via Deadline)