So bad it's good fake trailer for NBC She-Ra reboot starring Kylie Minogue

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May 14, 2013

We know you're still bummed that Wonder Woman TV show never happened, so here's a live-action She-Ra as an apology.

She-Ra was a bit of an odd duck as far as cartoons go, even for the '80s. But that doesn't mean it wasn't beloved. And now Funny or Die has gifted us this small miracle -- a fake trailer for live-action She-Ra -- starring Kylie "Do the Locomotion" Minogue.

Is it any good? Well, no. It's terrible. But that's kind of the point. Here in the present day, there isn't exactly a lot of room for a fantasy princess with a sword and a winged unicorn. In fact, if someone tried to make She-Ra now, it'd probably wind up being some kind of awful, generic procedual -- which is exactly what happens in this video.

Let's watch the horror unfold together.

Our only beef is that Skeletor wasn't the main villain on Sh-Ra! Is there no love left in the world for Hordak? Someone start a fan club, stat.

(via The Raw Story)

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