So Batman doesn't kill? Patton Oswalt proves otherwise in funny vid

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Apr 16, 2013, 4:26 PM EDT (Updated)

Though Batman prides himself on the fact that he doesn’t typically kill anyone, if you’ve watched any of the recent Dark Knight movies, he’s pretty obviously killed at least a few folks along the way. 

Well, it turns out the Caped Crusader has some major, lingering issues left over from his parents’ murder. Luckily, comedian Patton Oswalt (as the Penguin!) is here to help him figure it all out, with hilarious results.

Oswalt teamed up with the comedy gurus over at College Humor for a web short, which focuses on the Penguin’s arrest at the hands of Commissioner Gordon and Batman. But when Batman tries to explain why he doesn’t kill people (while simultaneously slashing throats and bashing in brains), the Penguin pokes some major holes in his logic.

Turns out Bats thinks all his foes are just sleeping. You know, like his slain parents, who are living out the rest of their lives on a farm upstate, lounging on “a hammock made of dreams.”

Check out the absolutely hilarious clip below:

(Via College Humor)