So, this is how much production on DC's Batman vs. Superman flick will cost

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Nov 18, 2016, 1:10 PM EST (Updated)

Production is ramping up on director Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman flick, and now some details from the Michigan film shoot have trickled out that reveal the film’s production budget.

According to the Michigan Film Office, the film has a production budget of $131 million, which does not include costs like post-production and any additional location shoots that will almost certainly be done (not to mention marketing). The studio is using Michigan as a stand-in for a dark version of Gotham because, well, yeah.

The shoot is the biggest ever in Michigan history, and is expected to bring in about $5 million in revenue and create 6,000 jobs for the city.

For the sake of comparison, Man of Steel had a final budget of approximately $225 million, and we’d expect this one to tick up into that stratosphere by the time everything is said and done. Though Ben Affleck is surely expensive, bringing in Batman might actually work to trim the FX budget on the back end (by not focusing solely on the super-powered Superman for an entire film).

But yeah, this one is still going to cost. A lot. If nothing else, this at least puts a number on what Warner Bros. and DC are looking to spend — and Batman vs. Superman will almost certainly balloon into blockbuster range by the time it eventually arrives on the big screen.

Regardless of budget, do you think DC can pull it all together a la Marvel and make this team-up work?


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