So this is how they're changing Flash's origin for The CW's Arrow

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Aug 2, 2013

Some more details have surfaced about that Flash spin-off over at The CW, and it seems they’ll be playing with the DC character’s origin story when he’s introduced in season two of Arrow.

It looks like the Arrow writers will be piecing together a few different pieces of the Flash’s comic backstory to introduce him on the small screen, playing on the darker edge of the character and his motivation to solve his mother’s murder from when he was a child.

The writers are using that angle to organically introduce Central City Police Department Crime Scene Investigator Barry Allen to the world of Arrow, with Allen following a case that connects with his mother’s death over to Starling City. So, it seems we’ll get to know the character a little bit before he dons the red suit.

As for exactly how he’ll get those super powers? We have no idea. In the comics, a lightning strike hits some chemicals and spills them on Allen, giving him his speedy abilities. That seems like a bit of a stretch for the ultra-grounded Arrow-verse, so it’ll be interesting to see how they make it all fit. One guess: They’ll find a way to tie it to his mother’s murder, since that’s what brings him to Arrow to begin with. But, who knows.

Here’s the tantalizing scoop via TV Line:

“I’ve got fresh intel on exactly what brings Central City PD CSI Barry Allen to Oliver’s orbit. The would-be speedster travels (not by foot, I assume) to Starling City while investigating a series of brutal slayings that he believes may have a connection to his mother’s years-ago murder — a crime for which his father has been unjustly imprisoned.”

Arrow is set to return to The CW’s schedule in October, with the Flash being introduced in episodes 8-9, then returning in episode 20 via a backdoor pilot. Do you think they can make the Flash work on the small screen?

(Via TV Line)

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