So now Will Smith COULD come back for Independence Day 2?

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Sep 5, 2013, 3:56 PM EDT (Updated)

There aren’t a lot of good things you can say about After Earth, but it looks like the massive sci-fi flop might have one redeeming factor — it got Will Smith back at the table to talk about Independence Day 2.

After seeing his bulletproof box-office success take a major hit with that hot mess of awfulness this summer, a new report from Independence Day director Roland Emmerich indicates Smith is now willing to take a meeting about the project. 

When the sequel was originally announced, it was reported that former stars Jeff Goldblum and (probably) Bill Pullman would be back without Smith. Emmerich went so far as explaining how he had to develop a script that would work without Smith, because the star was too expensive.

Well, now that version might need some major rewrites. Digital Spy caught up with Emmerich to ask him about the latest progress, and he dropped this bombshell:

“It changes every month. I sometimes say 'No, Will Smith will not be in it,' because he didn't want to do it before but now we have a meeting planned where we want to talk about it again.”

If they’re able to work out a deal to bring Smith back to kick some more alien ass, it’s pretty likely they won’t make that previously announced July 3, 2015, release date. Emmerich indicated a 2016 target would be more attainable, and if Smith signs on, there’s a much better chance it’d be worth the wait.

Are you glad to hear Smith could come back for more Independence Day, or do you wish they’d just leave the '90s sci-fi classic alone?

(Via Digital Spy)

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