So THIS is what The CW's upcoming Supernatural spinoff is about

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Jul 30, 2013, 9:56 AM EDT

With Supernatural entering its ninth season this fall, The CW is looking to the future to see how they can expand the Winchester brothers’ demon-hunting world. Up next? A spinoff series.

The network hopes to introduce the spinoff via a backdoor pilot in the back half of season nine, which will give fans a peek at the potential cast and setting.

The spinoff will reportedly be set in Chicago, focused on the “clashing hunter and monster cultures in the Windy City,” according to TV Line. So most likely we’ll see the WInchesters take on a case there this season and meet up with some hunters, with the new characters getting some attention to see if the idea has legs.

Depending on how this turns out, it sounds like the spinoff will trade in Supernatural’s highway for a home town, giving it one significant twist from the original series. In the near-decade it's been on the air, Supernatural has created a pretty deep mythos that could conceivably survive outside of the main cast. But the big question is how the cast/plot will shake out with the spinoff.

What approach would you like to see the Supernatural spinoff take?

(Via TV Line)