So will that villain teased in Avengers' credits pop up in Thor 2?

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Jul 4, 2015

That mid-credits coda scene in The Avengers obviously has big implications for the Marvel movie universe going forward, but just how soon will that scene start affecting Earth's Mightiest Heroes? Will that villain setup be a part of Thor 2? Chris Hemsworth thinks he knows. SPOILERS AHEAD!

When Joss Whedon introduced the Mad Titan Thanos as The Avengers bowed out, he opened up a whole new cosmic corridor for Marvel's cinematic adventures. We can obviously expect some follow-up on what Thanos is up to further down the line, but since Thor is (so far) Marvel's most cosmic character, will he be the one dealing with the Mad Titan first?

Well, Hemsworth hasn't seen the Thor 2 script yet, though shooting is set to start very soon now. He says what he does know about the story is "exciting," but we shouldn't expect that Avengers teaser to feed directly into his character's next adventure. For Hemsworth, plopping Thanos down in the middle of Thor's sequel would be "too easy."

"We need a bigger fish," Hemsworth said. It's hard to imagine a bigger fish than Thanos, but we like Hemsworth's ambition.

So, if Thanos isn't a part of Thor 2, what's the God of Thunder's sequel going to focus on? Hemsworth has some ideas there, too.

"You've always got to tie in Earth, I think. But Thor in the comic books, I found that after the initial kind of establishing the character, got more interesting because there were so many realms and things to explore," he said.

Thor 2 will hit theaters in the fall of 2013. We'll see then what realms Marvel will put its hammer-wielding demigod through this time.

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