Get ready for the CBS Holmes series that pissed off Steven Moffat

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:16 PM EST

Ever since the BBC hit it out of the park with its awesome, modern-day reimagining of Sherlock, the classic detective has become a much hotter property on the small screen. The folks at CBS have been trying to get in on the action for a while now, and they've developed their own Holmes reimagining Elementary in the meantime. So did the U.S. edition of Sherlock Holmes make the schedule?

Why, yes, it's Elementary, my dear Watson: CBS has decided to pick up the modern-day detective series for a season order. The series stars Jonny Lee Miller (Eli Stone) as Sherlock and Lucy Liu as a lady version of Watson, with Aidan Quinn (Prime Suspect) signed on in a recurring role.

Elementary will yank the traditionally British detective across the pond into New York, and of course put a modern twist on the classic cases.

How similar will it be the BBC's already excellent adaptation? Only time will tell. But we do know CBS attempted to get the rights for an official remake of the BBC series initially and struck out on their own after being rebuffed, which annoyed Doctor Who's Steven Moffat. So here's hoping we will actually get something fresh, and not a retread of something the BBC is already doing and doing very, very well.

Sound off: Do you think a New York-based Holmes will work?

(via TV Line)