So is Ridley's Scott's Prometheus an Alien prequel or not?

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Krystal Clark
Dec 14, 2012

What is Prometheus? Seriously, inquiring minds want to know. Is it an Alien prequel? Or is it just a film that looks and sounds REALLY familiar? Screenwriter Damon Lindelof may have settled that question. (Or maybe just confused us even more.)

Lindelof appeared on The Kevin Pollak Chat Show and described his love/hate relationship with prequels and how that affected the story of Prometheus.

"I've always felt that really good prequels should be original movies. And the sequels to those prequels should not be the movie which already exists, because, with all due respect to anyone who makes a prequel, but why would you ruin the greatest twist in the history of cinema, 'Luke, I am your father,' by showing me three movies which basically spoil that surprise? You can do movies which take place before Star Wars, but I don't need to see the story of the Skywalker clan. Show me something else, which I can't guess the possible outcome of. There is no suspense in inevitability."

So you're probably wondering ... what the heck does that mean? We think the movie could take place in the same Alien universe, but it's not necessarily setting up the Alien franchise as a prequel would. For all we know, it could be a separate adventure that doesn't lead up to anything.

Like he said, with Star Wars we knew where the story was going, and with X-Men: First Class we knew how it was going to end; with Prometheus we don't know the characters, so we can't know their futures.

Another thing he said that was interesting was this:

"But I also do feel that this movie is the movie I would want to see as a fanboy, take place in that Alien universe, which precedes the events of the original Alien, but is not necessarily burdened by all the tropes of that franchise with facehuggers and chestbursters, and all that stuff that I love ... but it's sorta like, we've seen it before, can we do something different this time? And that's the movie that Ridley wanted to make."
We don't know what to make of his interview. It could be something to throw us off the script's scent, but it sounds like Lindelof and director Ridley Scott want the comfort of an Alien prequel without force-feeding us some predictable B.S.

Could this be a prequel or sequel that's completely independent from its predecessors? Can you name a film that's been able to do that successfully?

(via /Film)

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