DC says there might be other Watchmen spinoffs after Before Watchmen

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Dec 16, 2012, 12:07 PM EST

It's only been a month and a half since DC Comics announced Before Watchmen, and already we've had enough Alan Moore slams, fan rage and lively Internet debates to last a lifetime. But what if it's not over? According to DC's publishers, they can't rule out heading back to the world of Watchmen a third time.

In a WonderCon interview covering everything from The New 52 reboot to their favorite sports teams, DC co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee also took time to discuss the Before Watchmen collaborative process. They're obviously excited about the books, even if you're not. But then talk turned to the possibility of a future for the Watchmen characters beyond the eight limited titles DC's already planning.

DiDio was quick to knock down the idea that the company is thinking that far ahead, but he does present a scenario where they'd be willing to.

"Why does everybody keep on asking questions about what's gonna happen after something that hasn't come out yet? We have a 35-issue commitment in place right now that we're standing firmly behind," DiDio said. "Realistically it's gonna be really a tale of the tape, how the reaction is. And more importantly, if we did follow it, what could we follow it with? Nobody's thought that far down the road."

The guys running the show at DC may not have thought far enough down the road to envision what even more Watchmen books would look like, but that doesn't mean they don't have an idea of where they would start. Even as he denied that the company is thinking about continuing the saga, DiDio was presenting a hypothetical place for the characters to head next.

"As they were talking story, everybody had a copy of Watchmen in front of them, and they would go through to make sure that the story ideas that they were kicking around wouldn't contradict anything inside the book," DiDio said of the Before Watchmen meetings with creators. "And then we started to see how it was actually building on [Watchmen]. So when you asked the question about is there something else, well, reality is, let's see what we got out of these 35 issues, and maybe these become springboards for other ideas and other stories."

You can bet that if Before Watchmen sells well enough, DC will be more than willing to put those "springboards" into action. The company is still riding a wave of publicity ignited by the New 52 and reignited by these prequels. Unless fan rage completely shuts it down, we could very well end up seeing After Before Watchmen somewhere on the horizon.

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