So what did you think of Terra Nova's series premiere?

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Dec 15, 2012

The Steven Spielberg-produced future-past-dinosaur show debuted last night on Fox. While the ratings were solid, but not extraordinary—especially considering the stegosaurus-sized budget—the fan response seems to be a little all over the map.

Taking a look at Twitter, the morning after, sci-fi fans were split on Terra Nova's two-hour pilot. Here are the most entertaining responses we could find ... feel free to add your thoughts below.

The Good

They have dinosaurs, a time paradox conundrum, eye candy & moonshine. Did I mention dinosaurs? Inner geek delighted! —@FFPTastyTweets

I approved of Terra Nova. I was enticed, excited, and wanted more. A good "it could maybe happen" sci-fi series that I have been waiting for. —@spooons

I just saw the season premiere of Fox's Terra Nova, it's pretty good. Not as awesome as the Walking Dead but a lot better than Falling Skies. —@AndrewCross5

Quite enjoyed the Terra Nova pilot. Mind-blowing, Spielbergian visuals that are so reminiscent of Jurassic Park...excited for more! —@Maddie_Wong

Terra Nova is Space: Above & Beyond, with bad CG dinosaurs. It is slightly better than Falling Skies. It is standard post-TNG Brannon Braga. —@emotionalpedant

Excited about Terra Nova, definitely an easy cross between Jurassic Park and Lost. Gonna be a great series. —@MattAllen714

Terra Nova Is Like If Lost Had Sex With Avatar And Made A Beautiful Child... #bestnewshow #cantwaittilnextweek —@JoeyNumbaz3

The Bad

TERRA NOVA was absolutely horrible... I can't fathom how someone greenlit a script that was written by a 7 year old... —@TheAllenRoberts

Terra Nova was interesting enough to get me to tune in again but I really expected MORE from Spielberg...then again Falling Skies. —@veganboy

You know what wasn't good? Terra Nova. Why was it a 2 hour premiere??? TWO HOURS. —@bluestockinchic

So, final verdict on Terra Nova: bland & generic, with poor special effects. It's essentially an ABC Family series with dinosaurs. Next. —@paplikaplik

I don't like being suckered in by "from Steven Spielberg" claims. What am I to do with all the dinosaur dung from Terra Nova now? —@ExpeditionTime

I was able to palate 10 min of Terra Nova. I hope to work my way up to 11 min as an endurance challenge before it's cancelled. —@JeremyCairns

The Funny

I'm eager to see if Terra Nova can fill Earth 2's buggy-driving, child-endangering, canceled-after-one-season shoes. —@NicLewis

"TERRA NOVA" is Latin for "JurrAvatar Park 2: Jungle Town Boogazoo" —@robdelaney

I heard that if you play the audio from Avatar during the Terra Nova premier, it syncs up perfectly. —@thomasaadnanes

"Let's take Beverly Hills 90210 and crash it into Jurassic Park on Pandora but keep that guy from Avatar" - Terra Nova —@RitleySammich

I'm watching "Terra Nova" on Tivo delay. Someone let me know if Fox cancels it before it ends. —@loveandcapes

Terra Nova has the subtlety of a flying hammer. —@Ejones82

So...Terra Nova is Avatar meets Lost meets Jurassic Park meets Stargate Universe meets Swiss Family Robinson? K. —@gregharbin

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