So when will we learn Fringe's fate? Producer starts the countdown

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Dec 17, 2012

Fringe fans, it looks like a decision about the beloved Fox series' fate is coming sooner rather than later. But, how soon?

A renewal decision should be made this week, producer Joel Wyman revealed via his Twitter account.

At least we won't have to wait long to know if our hearts will be broken. Judging by Wyman's recent posts, he seems to think the show at least has a fighting chance at renewal. So there's that.

He also noted to one follower that, if the show does come back for a fifth season, it will just be for 13 episodes. As for the odds of a theatrical or made-for-TV movie? Don't count on it.

So, fingers crossed, folks. Just a few days to go.

(via Digital Spy)

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