Sofia Coppola's aborted Little Mermaid film would've been a dark fairytale

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Jun 22, 2017, 11:28 AM EDT

Not everyone may know this, but Once Upon a Time (that'd be back in 2014), Sofia Coppola (The Beguiled) was working on Universal Pictures and Working Title’s live-action Little Mermaid movie, based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale.

After being attached to the production for over a year, Coppola left the adaptation for a variety of reasons in June 2015 — including wanting to concentrate on other projects. During a special event at New York City’s Film Society of Lincoln Center this past Tuesday night, Coppola explained why she left the long-in-the-works production:

“It wasn’t the Disney version, it was actually the original fairy tale, which is much darker. I thought it would be fun to do a fairy tale, I’ve always loved fairy tales, so I was curious about doing that.”

Coppola then talked about how the movie became too big in scale and that she’d also planned to film underwater scenes, which certainly sounds intriguing:

“It became too big of a scale. I wanted to shoot it really underwater, which would have been a nightmare. But underwater photography is so beautiful. We even did some tests. It was not very realistic, that approach. But it was interesting to think about.”

After Coppola left, Chloe Grace Moretz was cast as the titular heroine, with Richard Curtis (Love, Actually) now working on the screenplay and Rebecca Thomas (Stranger Things) potentially attached as director. There’s sadly been little to no movement since then, and Moretz has since dropped out of the movie.

What do you guys think? Would you have liked to have seen Sofia Coppola’s take on The Little Mermaid?


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