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Solar Opposites debuts Justin Roiland-filled first look, announces guest stars

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Jul 19, 2019, 6:33 PM EDT

Rick and Morty fans may want to keep an eye on Hulu. That's because the co-creator of the animated smash (and voice of both title characters) is creating a new animated comedy at the streaming service. And this time, the aliens are front and center. Justin Roiland's Solar Opposites, which is already on the hook for two seasons at Hulu, has a 3rd Rock from the Sun-esque premise, featuring voice actors like Thomas Middleditch, and gave fans a first preview at San Diego Comic-Con.

The black-and-white animatic opening credits featured a rambling, enraged Roiland speaking as the main character, swearing up and down that he'd kill himself one of these days and that he hated Earth. And, oh yeah, the creatives behind it were there to explain. SYFY WIRE attended the panel, which featured a post-preview discussion by Roiland along with producers Mike McMahan and Josh Bycel. Voice actors Mary Mack and Sean Giambrone rounded things out as they told us what exactly this show is. Following an immigrant story of aliens in an escape pod from their destroyed planet crash landing on Earth, Solar Opposites certainly has room for lots of sci-fi nonsense and unintentional violence perpetrated by its central aliens. Classic misunderstandings.

About half the aliens miss their Krypton-esque home planet while the rest are learning to love their new home, Roiland explained. And they're all genderless that reproduce through replicants - grown by cutting off a finger or other part and burying it in their homeland's soil. One of these plant-based beings decides that she's a girl, adopts the human name Jesse (Mack), and gives in to local culture. The creators said that all eight episodes have been recorded already - some of which involve killing Nazi.

They also showed off an animatic clip involving two of the aliens getting hooked on a TV show and then meeting the stars at the local mall. And of course, they think everything is real. When disappointed by the fakeness, they decide to make their favorite animated character real with a terrible technology. And yes, it was hilarious. Finally, Christina Hendricks, Alan Tudyk, Andy Daly, and Tiffany Haddish (who will play their ship's AI) were announced to be guest stars at some point in the series.

Solar Opposites drops all its episodes at once at the beginning of next year 2020.

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