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Solo: A Star Wars Story partners with SOLO Cups for marketing coup of the year

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Mar 7, 2018, 2:58 PM EST

In what may be the least predictable (and amusingly on target) marketing move ever, Lucasfilm has partnered with SOLO Cup and five other companies for a worldwide marketing campaign for Solo: A Star Wars Story ahead of its May 25 opening.

Talk about a no-brainer. The SOLO Cup has been the inspiration for everything from Han Solo Halloween costumes to the working title of the film itself (it was nicknamed "Red Cup" during development). Originally created in the 30's, the current incarnation of the cup has been around since the 70's (I'll bet the current Fox marketing team would have picked this up for the original trilogy, but those were different times), are popular at parties, and have been involved in one or more drinking games.

Yep, sounds a bit like a certain smuggler.

As to what SOLO Cup has planned, we don't know yet. Will they sell new cups with Solo: A Star Wars Story art? Will they sell beer pong sets with character-themed balls? Will we see a Millenium Falcon made entirely out of SOLO Cups? Who knows. But who cares? When your marketing synergy is this good, you deserve a little time to take a victory lap.

In addition to SOLO Cup, Lucasfilm has also partnered with Denny's, Esurance,  General Mills, Nissan, and Symantec. We don't know much about what their marketing campaigns will entail, but there are already some suggestions out there.

Sounds good to me. So I'll just say SOLOng for now and start stocking up on cups for the SOLOBRATION.

p.s. No. we haven't been drinking. But if there really is a SOLO beer pong kit, it's on like a Rancor pit battle.

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