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Solo: A Star Wars Story's Qi’ra gets her own Forces of Destiny animated short

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Dec 18, 2018, 10:00 PM EST (Updated)

This week, Solo: A Star Wars Story introduced fans to Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke), a young woman from Han Solo’s past who plays a major part in the new film. While Solo establishes Qi’ra’s past with Han on their homeworld, Corellia, it also leaves several aspects of her history to be revealed at a later time. Now, Qi’ra is stepping into the animated spotlight with a new episode of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny. And while it may not solve Qi’ra’s lingering mysteries, it does offer a glimpse of who she is when Han isn’t around.  

SPOILER ALERT: This animated short exposes a plot point for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Come back after you’ve seen the movie!

“Triplecross” was the 16th episode of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Season 2, and it also brings back two familiar faces: IG-88, the bounty-hunting droid from The Empire Strikes Back, and Hondo Ohnaka, the fan-favorite space pirate who appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

It’s unclear where this short falls in Qi’ra’s timeline, but it does take place after she joined Crimson Dawn, and her identity was clearly known by both Hondo and IG-88. The short also illustrates Qi’ra’s ability to manipulate both of her opponents with simply a few timely questions that made them turn on each other. 

Now that Qi’ra has been established, she could potentially be featured in future Forces of Destiny shorts or even her own comics and novels. We wouldn’t be surprised at all if she reappears in live action as well. 

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