Force-feed yourself these Solo-inspired Denny’s dishes while scoping out some new Star Wars trading cards

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Apr 2, 2018, 5:59 PM EDT

Well, the mystery of where Chewbacca gets his bacon-and-eggs fix may have just been solved. In a bit of cross-marketing that looks a little strange even by Star Wars spaceport standards, Denny’s and Walt Disney Studios are teaming up to introduce a new card game themed around Solo: A Star Wars Story — and they’ve lavished some pretty nice creature effects on the TV commercial that sets it up.

Sure, it’s more than a little campy, but we can’t be too critical of an ad that features a Mos Eisley’s worth of alien species all seated peaceably at restaurant tables, feeding themselves in whatever manner their anatomy dictates. Plus, the whole marketing campaign aims to raise money for a good cause: Proceeds from the sale of each pack of trading cards go to benefit the charity No Kid Hungry, a U.S.-based nonprofit that targets childhood hunger.

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Once you’re past the earnest, 1980s-esque corniness of it all, the Neal Scanlan-worthy creatures, as well as the variety of ways they actually go about the necessary business of eating, is actually pretty cool.

But what’s the story with the trading cards? Well, among other things, these Topps cards bear the names of new characters we'll be seeing once the movie's in theaters — characters like Moloch, Val, and the epically hair metal-sounding Therm Scissorpunch, whose claws help make that name read more like a promise:

We’ll have to head to Denny’s to get our hands on the cards — they’re exclusive to the restaurant chain — but it's safe to say they probably don’t involve any sort of strategic, high-stakes poker gameplay the way the commercial portrays. After all, there’re only 12 of them.

Denny’s also will offer a handful of Solo-themed menu items, allowing you to order your very own Blaster Fire Burger or Co-Reactor Pancake Breakfast.

If you’re dead set on collecting all 12 cards between now and the film’s release, then you’ve got to cover a lot of ground at Denny’s in a relatively short amount of time. So bring your appetite: Solo: A Star Wars Story opens in theaters on May 25.