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Solo is turning a long-forgotten Star Destroyer concept into Star Wars canon

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Feb 20, 2018

At this point in time, Solo: A Star Wars Story seems to be repurposing the old and making it new again. For example, some fans have hypothesized that the film's plot may actually be based on part of the Extended Universe Disney decided to strike from the official Star Wars canon.

Now, based on a new figure unveiled at the New York Toy Fair, it looks like Lucasfilm has taken an unused Star Destroyer design from Colin Cantwell to use in the new movie as a different vehicle. Cantwell was a concept artist on the original trilogy who came up with the looks of the Rebel X-Wing and Imperial Destroyer, TIE fighter, and Death Star. 

As you can see below, his original idea for the Star Destroyer resembled an arrow with three satellite dishes affixed to the outside. Obviously, A New Hope went with the bulkier and more imposing look for the ship and Cantwell's design was relegated to the "What Ifs" of Hollywood history...until now, that is.

The OG Star Destroyer has been turned into something called the Arrestor Cruiser for Solo. Guessing by its name alone, we suppose it could be a ship meant for newly-arrested Imeprial prisoners and other undesirables being transported from one point to another. Moreover, since Chewbacca became enslaved by the Empire, cutting wroshyr trees to feed its army, and then freed by Han Solo to whom he swore a life debt, part of the movie's action might take place on this new cruiser if Han busts his newly-found friend out of the hoosegow. Or maybe something along that line of reasoning, anyway. 

The second toy, the Imperial Hauler, must be a vessel for transporting precious materials utilized by the Empire. Glimpsed briefly in the trailer, it is suspected that the Haulers will have something to do with the Conveyex, the levitating mountain train that serves as the setting of a classic heist undertaken by Han and Chewie.

Interestingly enough, Cantwell revealed his original Star Destroyer design last week on Instagram, outlining the creative process between himself and George Lucas. You will also notice that the smaller red and white ships in the first photo was also his initial plan for the Empire's "attack ships" with the TIE fighters coming much later.

The color scheme and ​​​​​triangular shape of the proto-Imperial fighters look like they may have served as the eventual inspiration for the X-Wings. We'll get to see the Arrestor Cruiser and Imperial Hauler in action on May 25. 

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