Solo movie kicks off toy onslaught with snazzy new LEGO sets, Hot Wheels, more: Check out the best toys

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:04 AM EDT (Updated)

With a new trailer comes an onslaught of new products tied into and inspired by Solo: A Star Wars Story. Companies like Hasbro, LEGO, Mattel, and Funko all revealed their new Star Wars toys that revolve around Han, Lando, Chewie, and everyone else in the anthology movie, really. There's even a Solo Monopoly board from Hasbro, complete with spaces for "Debt," "Scoundrel," "Smuggler," "Mercenary Fee," "Kessel Run," "Millenium Falcon," "Spice Mines," and more! Hasbro also revealed some new action figures, a card game, Mighty Muggs, Nerf blasters, and a Play-Doh Chewbacca set for the young ones.  

As for the LEGO sets, we've reported on these before, but now you can get your first high-res look at all nine sets: Han Brick Head, Chewbacca Brick Head, Imperial Patrol Attack, Han Solo's Landspeeder, Moloch's Landspeeder, Imperial TIE Fighter, Kessel Run Millenium Falcon, Buildable Han, and Buildable Range Trooper. 


Solo Mighty Muggs

Credit: Hasbro 

solo monopoly

Credit: Hasbro

In the Hot Wheels department from Mattel, there are three vehicles modeled after Han, Chewie, and Lando. Han's car has a canon mounted on the front, Chewie's has a tuft of hair, and Lando's is a yellow coupe. The official description for the last one is:

"Captain Lando Calrissian is ready to trasnition from smuggler to gambler. Loaded with a full tank of fas to travel from card game to card game, this smooth vintage landau coupe attracts attention as he speeds from one venture to the next. His signature shirt fits perfect wiile his red scarves on the grille and lower side panels makes it diffucult to mistake the smooth moving smuggler for anyone else as he races by. If a card game goes wrong or he finds the need to escape a dangerous situation, the Millenium Falcon's ion thrusters on the taillights allow for a quick getaway." 

Lando Hot Wheels

Credit: Mattel 

And for Funko, we have the usual (not to mention adorable) suspects of Pop! vinyl figures of the main players and even a few ancillary ones. For example, we now know the names of the person wearing that Kylo Ren-esque helmet and the four-armed alien: Enfys Nest and Rio Durant.

Solo: A Star Wars Story will enjoy a premiere at Cannes film festival before being smuggled into theaters on May 25. Before that glorious day arrives, continue on to the gallery below for a look at all the new Star Wars swag you can cram onto your shelves.