Han Solo, Chewbacca — Solo: A Star Wars Story
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Solo soundtrack reveals track titles and hints at multiple story twists

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May 8, 2018, 1:57 PM EDT

Star Wars scores have been notorious for having track titles that hint at the plot points they’re pegged to in the film’s soundtrack, like the death of Qui-Gon, for example, in The Phantom Menace. So while the music for the franchise has been indisputably amazing, analyzing the track titles has become a spoilery endeavor for those who want to go into the new movies cold.

So, as the Solo soundtrack had its track titles released today (as you can see in the Instagram post from the film’s composer John Powell below), don’t read on if you want to be surprised by every twist and turn of the story.

But for the rest of you, let’s dig in:

Aside from the objectively incredible reveal that Lando’s clothing is getting its own theme song, there’re quite a few interesting developments we can glean from this list. First, we can tell that there’ll be more than one heist in the film because the train caper (“Train Heist”), involving the robbery of the Conveyex, will be pulled relatively early in the film. Some believed that this would be the climactic crime of the film, but it looks like a “Mine Mission” and “Into the Maw” will be the songs leading us into the final act’s debauchery.

Lots of smuggling is happening here and, since the Millennium Falcon has its own tune halfway down the list, it’ll likely come in handy as Han proves himself to his criminal family. Thankfully no character deaths — at least we think — are portended by the music, though “Reminiscence Therapy” and “Good Thing You Were Listening” have the potential for either tongue-in-cheek humor or poignancy. We also get to learn that Chewbacca meets Han quickly after the latter’s introduction, establishing the familiar during the first half of the movie so the second half can do some world expansion.

Finally, the "Savareen Stand-Off" hints at an Outer Rim adventure sure to navigate one of the loosely defined planets from the extended universe, like the mining hub Christophsis. The sector has plenty of lore to lend the prequel film, and its inclusion in a song title is exactly the kind of hint to whet the appetites of Star Wars diehards.