Solo Trailer + Beastie Boys' 'Sabotage' = Awesome

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Feb 24, 2018, 5:31 PM EST (Updated)

While we're all very excited about the new Han Solo biopic Solo: A Star Wars Story, we'll admit to a couple twinges of regret upon seeing the trailer. The first and most obvious is: It's Not Harrison Ford Up There, which was going to happen no matter who was cast, but still, "It's not the Solo of my childhood!," yells the inner voice of anyone over 35. (Sorry, Ron Howard, but it's true.) The second one will probably work out fine in the context of the full film, but Emilia Clarke's Kira telling Solo she's the "only one who truly knows who you are" comes off in a Manic Pixie Space Dream Girl way that would really boil Princess Leia's midi-chlorians.

Okay, but worry no more: A solution has been found for all Solo trailer woes, and surprisingly? All you have to do is add the Beastie Boys' hit "Sabotage." Take a look/listen, and see for yourself: 

I mean, right??? 

This major improvement comes courtesy of Chris Galegar, one of the co-hosts of the bi-weekly film podcast War Starts at Midnight, who, by the looks of his other website, is no stranger to film editing himself.

The popular fan-made trailer is a mix of the actual film trailer and the film's Super Bowl spot, and as for the song choice, it's a clear nod to J.J. Abrams' use of the track in his Star Trek trailers, like the one below.



In fact, in case there was any question of intent, it says "Because the first trailer felt an awful lot like 'Solo: A James Tiberius Kirk Story'" right there under the Solo video. Whether the whole thing was meant snarkily or not, the song really works. +5 points to Galegar and J.J. Abrams.