Some blog moving notes

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Jul 1, 2008

As a followup, let me add a few things about the move:

  1. If you read this blog through a feed there may be issues. Please update your feed to be Most folks should already have that as the feed address, but check your feed reader to make sure. And yeah, I know people with the wrong feed will have to come here first to find that out. ;-)
  2. The layout and font and all that are the same on all the Discover blogs. The Discover Hive Overmind wanted to get everyone moved over first, and then tweak things. So it'll look this way for a while, but I'm hoping we can fiddle with it soon. They've been very open to suggestions.
  3. The sidebar layout is not set in stone, and I can fiddle with it. The blogroll is gone for now, and I want to reinstall it. But I need to ponder a bit on what to put there. The ad stays, and the About Me thing stays. I like the links to previous posts and latest comments, but after that... hmmmm.
  4. Thanks to everyone who has shown support! I really appreciate it. And if you didn't, feh. I'm happy.
  5. Regular posting will presume shortly. Of course, there's a backlog of stuff to get through now...

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