Some Japanese fans are complaining the rebooted Godzilla is too fat

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May 2, 2014, 6:36 PM EDT

Director Gareth Edwards is beefing up the size of everyone’s favorite monster to bring him back to life for modern audiences, but is he making the new Godzilla a little too big?

That’s apparently a complaint that’s started rumbling overseas in the fictional creature’s native Japan, where longtime Godzilla fans are murmuring that Edwards’ U.S. remake made the big guy a bit too ... well ... “fat.”

As noted by Entertainment Weekly, some Japanese fans have commented “He’s so fat, I laughed,” and “It’s fat from the neck downwards and massive at the bottom.” They’ve even come up with a nickname for super-sized ’Zilla: “Godzilla Deluxe.” Ouch.

Of course, all these observations are taken from the brief peeks we’ve gotten in the trailers and stills released from the flick, since the film itself hasn’t even actually opened yet. So that opinion could change once we get a real look at the scope.

After taking another look at what's been released, sure, the dude is huge — but fat? I dunno. It looks more like scaly muscle to me. What do you think?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)