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Some of Krypton (and Kara’s mom) survived in Supergirl trailer and pics

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May 23, 2018, 8:45 PM EDT

Next week’s episode of Supergirl will reveal that a chunk of Krypton has survived after the planet’s explosion. Not only that, but so has the Girl of Steel's (Melissa Benoist) mom, Alura (Smallville’s Erica Durance).

The CW has unleashed a trailer and a bunch of pics from “Dark Side of the Moon” which will see Durance reprise the role of Kara's Kryptonian mother. But instead of the hologram we’ve been used to seeing since the show’s first season (Laura Benanti played the character during the first two seasons before being recast for Season 3), Alura Zor-El will be returning in the flesh.

In the episode, Kara and Mon-El (Chris Wood) travel to a mysterious rock floating in deep space that could be the key to defeating Reign (Odette Annable). However when they finally get there, Kara is shocked to discover that her mother has survived alongside other fellow Kryptonians in Argo City.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the Smallville star opened up about the fact that Argo City still exists, and what’s been happening since Krypton was destroyed.

“From their point of view, they’ve been struggling for survival,” Durance told EW. “They’ve been on the edge of destruction countless times and sacrificed again and again for it. And Supergirl’s family did, specifically — Alura had to send her only daughter away, then she loses her husband to saving the world, basically their world, Argo. So it’s been a war-torn time. All of a sudden, she’s here and she’s on this planet, she’s trying to make a life for herself, and she comes around the corner, and it’s her long-lost daughter that is there. She’s trying to put the pieces together and find out what she can do to help her. And of course, it comes down to the big black rock.”

That big black rock is what could potentially separate Reign from Sam, something that’s been hinted at in this week’s episode. However, obtaining what they need means a choice between the survival of Alura’s people and Argo City, and essentially saving the Earth from Reign.

“I think it’s pretty devastating when she finds out that the one thing that her daughter needs is the thing that keeps her and her people alive now,” Durance said. “She may not be able to help her. But of course, it is her daughter, and so she finds a way to support her the best way she knows how, and try to help her attain what she needs. She gets behind her, and they go on this journey together.”

In a separate interview with TVLine, Durance also talked about what looks like a dome or a bubble covering Argo City — which can clearly be seen in the trailer. “I don’t know if you hit anything if you touch it. But the one person that tried to get out died on the other side, so we stay in this beautiful bubble, isolated. And of course that’s why we can’t communicate and [Kara] didn’t pick up on us,” said Durance.

An all-new episode of Supergirl will air May 28 on The CW.

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