'Some people are gonna die' when Walking Dead returns

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Dec 16, 2012

We've already heard that at least one Walking Dead cast member may not be long for this world, but now actress Melissa McBride is saying the death toll could rise even more when the hit AMC zombie series returns on Sunday.

McBride, who plays Carol on the show, told Zap2it that "some people are gonna die."

Now, potential spoilers ahead: It leaked a while back that Jon Bernthal's Shane has signed on for a new TNT series, which leads most to believe the show will catch up with the comic book in killing Shane off at some point in the back half of season two. But "some people"?

McBride didn't offer any additional hints as to who else could be walker bait, though she did talk a bit about what's in store for Carol when the series returns.

"She's been through so much alone just to survive before any of this [zombie stuff] happened and women who have to deal with [spousal abuse] and come out the other side," she told Zap2it. "Even when they're enduring it there's a strength that none of us can touch. ... A lot of it is going to continue to develop with Daryl and how he deals with the loss of Sophia and what it's meant to him. He's going to detach a little bit and she's going to want to bring him back in to the fold of the group."

McBride also confirmed some news that came as little surprise to fans who follow the show closely: We will not be meeting the Governor, one of the most ruthless characters featured in the comic, this season. Casting rumors have been flying everywhere the past few weeks about who will get the role, so it's not much of a surprise that he didn't make the cut for season two. But, with all the buzz, I'd definitely look for the eye-patched baddie to make an appearance next year.

(Via Zap2it).