Furby organ invented by Look Mum, No Computer

Someone created the ultimate monster: a singing Furby organ

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Feb 15, 2018, 11:45 AM EST (Updated)

You are about to be subjected to the ultimate nightmare fodder. If you were ever woken up by a Furby talking to itself in the middle of the night, then you know the horror that invaded human imaginations everywhere in the late ‘90s.

They were pretty much Gremlins with a battery. There is one person on the planet who is not utterly terrified of these things, and his name is Sam Battle.

The brains behind YouTube channel Look Mum No Computer, tech junkie Battle, recently discovered by Sploid, dreams up contraptions like the Synth Bike and plays music with Game Boys. He can now compose symphonies of weird noises with his magnum opus—the singing Furby organ.

Those creepy-looking pipe organs that always seem to be playing funeral music in horror movies have nothing on this 44-Furby monstrosity. When Battle started wondering what these animatronic aliens were doing besides collecting dust and secretly plotting a galactic takeover, he decided to give them a lobotomy and make them do his will of singing anything he plays on a keyboard.

Possibly even more unsettling than the instrument itself are graphic shots of the mad scientist performing the “Forment Furby Fusion Synthesis Brain Modification Surgery Procedure.” You will never be able to wipe the image of those eyes staring at you from a tangle of wire innards from your memory.

So, how do you work this thing? You have to wake the Furbies up, obviously. The Collective Awakening Switch should activate them, though some may fall asleep on you before you can get them all to pay attention. In his YouTube video, Battle says the computerized creatures hooked up to the machine are able to “sing, chat and play in a dreamlike state” after being “heavily sedated.” He has them so deeply under the influence they supposedly don’t even know where they are.

The sound of 44 Furbish voices in sync is like nothing you’ve ever encountered in any concert, haunted house, or alternate time zone. It’s exponentially scarier. Remember the caroling scene in Gremlins? Try to imagine what a synth version would sound like.

Warning: You will not be able to unsee what has been brought to life by this electric Frankenstein.

(via Sploid)