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Someone in Congress is making bizarre Star Wars edits on Wikipedia

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:14 AM EDT (Updated)

Gun violence. Healthcare funding. A vicious increase in racism and hate speech. Rampant sexual harassment and assault by powerful figures. Hurricane and disaster relief. The opioid crisis. Election integrity. Media independence. Financing the government. Economic stratification. The dying middle class. The minutiae of the Star Wars extended universe.

The United States veers from crisis to crisis, with no end in sight. Congress has a long list of crucial issues to address, and each passing moment brings yet another emergency. And while dysfunction has paralyzed Washington, it can be reported that at least one item on the list above is being addressed in the Capitol.

On Wednesday and then again on Thursday morning, Wikipedia entries for a variety of Star Wars-related subjects were edited anonymously from computers at the House of Representatives. Late Wednesday, two pages — "Lightsabers" and "Star Wars Species (P-T)" were edited to include questionable additions. And on Thursday morning, the "Kylo Ren" page was given a small tweak as well.

The "Lightsabers" page received the most significant add-on. "The color of the blade has no bearing on whether or not the wielder is ideologically good or evil, nor does lightsaber blade infer the wielder's gender," the anonymous Star Wars fan wrote, grossly misrepresenting the symbolism of the red lightsaber.

Porgs are Dope Wiiepdia

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That addition has since been removed, as have the briefer tweaks to the other pages. 

The "Star Wars Species" page was momentarily updated to note that "Porgs are dope," which is not technically wrong, but the sort of subjective commentary the repository of collective wisdom seeks to avoid.

Kylo Ren a Snack Wikipedia

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More inexplicably, the "Kylo Ren" page was briefly updated to read "Kylo Ren a snack" at the beginning of the entry, which may or may not be a spoiler for The Last JediPerhaps that change reflected a leak out of Lucasfilm; should that be the case, perhaps the page will revert to declaring that Kylo Ren is a snack after the film's release on December 15.