Hulkbuster armor from Avengers: Age of Ultron

Someone is building full-scale Hulkbuster armor from Infinity War, and it’s infinitely awesome

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Jul 19, 2019, 5:01 PM EDT (Updated)

Colin Furze doesn’t just engineer machines. He designs and builds full-scale working replicas of contraptions that look like they just busted out of a movie screen—and his latest venture is the Hulkbuster armor from Infinity War.

“He’s basically the most complicated seat that you will ever sit in,” said Furze, whose newest project was just discovered by Gizmodo, of the hulking hydraulic creation he set out to build entirely out of random parts he found on eBay. Spoiler: walking isn’t going to happen. For now.

Furze’s armor is still in the skeletal stage, but the lack of paint makes it no less impressive. You really have to watch both of his YouTube videos to get an idea of the brains that go into this (note the white board scribbled with mathematical equations in the first one). That doesn’t mean the mastermind can’t have fun with it. He uses an Age of Ultron action figure to give you an idea of what’s going to go where on the real deal, how it’s going to move and what it takes to get it anatomically correct.

Hulkbuster has been a challenge even for someone like Furze, who has made an AT-AT, a TIE Fighter and automatic Wolverine claws a reality.

Those massive arms and legs, and a torso that swivels left and right, are animated by hydraulics. The same kind of hydraulic pumps used on buses are part of the reason this thing can bend its knees. There was also an epic amount of welding involved, and Furze collaborated with James Bruton for the electronics, which Bruton features on a video in his XRobots series. What’s even more amazing is that the Hulkbuster’s controls involve joysticks and buttons and other things that look like they belong on a video game console. 

By the way, watch out for random action figure appearances throughout the videos, including a casual conversation between Iron Man and Captain America about how high that mechanical arm should go.

The Hulkbuster can stand, move and carry a pilot in its cockpit, so you won’t want to miss the next phase. Its helmet is so huge it could easily fit a human being. Maybe it doesn’t have rocket engines to blast off from the bottoms of its feet, but it will still blow your mind.

(via Gizmodo)