LEGO Batcave

Someone just built the most incredible Batcave ever entirely out of LEGOs

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Jun 12, 2018, 8:58 PM EDT (Updated)

When Brent Waller says “To the Batcave!” he’s going to take you somewhere a little different than what you might expect.

His version of the iconic Wayne Manor that hides a mind-blowing Batcave and Gotham’s seedy underground is made entirely of LEGOs—about 100,000 of them—and incorporates everything Batman he could possibly think of, from the comics to the TV shows, movies, and (of course) LEGO movies. Batman’s LEGO lair couldn’t possibly go without being inspired by LEGO Batman.

If you have the LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 set that was released several years ago, you already own a Waller creation, but this 6-foot-tall behemoth probably isn’t going to end up as a box set on a shelf anywhere. The mastermind first revealed the subterranean level he was building on Twitter last year, and not only does it have a rotating carousel with a selection of the most awesome Batmobiles in Bat-history, but it lights up. So do the entire manor and underground and the toxic glowing ooze Robin gets stuck in.

Waller has built multiple hyper-detailed vignettes in the dark corners of the Batcave, including a raging Harvey Dent morphing into Two-Face in a room being devoured by flame, with a portrait of Rachael gazing blankly from the background. There’s Poison Ivy’s hideout crawling with (plastic) poison ivy. Because the Batmobiles just weren’t enough, Waller went there and built the sickest ’89 Burton Batwing. The bat-shaped control room couldn’t be complete without Alfred Pennyworth delivering a whole steamed lobster to the Caped Crusader.

You can’t ignore the dinosaur from the LEGO movie busting through the walls, or the Penguin, umbrella in the air, waddling with his army of evil penguins on the blocks of ice so conveniently blasted by Mr. Freeze. Or Pennyworth putting a used Batsuit in the laundry. There are also random appearances by Aquaman, Scooby-Doo, and more characters who leaped out of the LEGO movie and decided they wanted to hang out in the Batcave, invite optional.

Because you have to see this thing up close, check out Waller’s Flickr after watching the video.

(via io9)