Tommy Wiseau, Joker

Someone just made Tommy Wiseau's Joker audition even scarier by merging it with The Dark Knight

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Jan 17, 2020, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

You might have thought it couldn’t possibly get more nightmarish than Tommy Wiseau in smeared clown paint threatening to kill the Batman in his Joker audition video. Then this happened.

Somewhere in the dark recesses of the internet, Bloody-Disgusting found what could be the most terrifying mashup ever on YouTube channel Bup. The geniuses behind Bup edited pieces of that infamous audition into footage from The Dark Knight so flawlessly that it looks as if Wiseau had actually played Joker in the movie all along. If you actually start to believe it was him and not Heath Ledger playing magic tricks with pencils all along, you’re probably caught in a nightmare right now.

The only disappointment in this video is that Bup left out the hideous laugh Wiseau really made his own in the audition tape. That laugh was no impersonation. It was his own hideous blend of evil personas that echoed across the internet. Otherwise, it looks as if it’s really Wiseau who if you’ve never seen The Dark Knight or just want to pretend you haven’t for the sake of gauging how believable this is, the actor and director who will always be known for The Room above anything else, you’re going to be surprised. It’s just hard to say in what way.

Watch this and you’ll agree with that scene in The Disaster Artist when a casting director tells Wiseau (James Franco) that he would make an awesome villain, but the actor is disgusted at the thought of being some reincarnation of Frankenstein. He clearly had no idea he’d be recording an audition for one of DC’s most nefarious supervillains twentysomething years down the road.

The best part? He was spliced in with Batman at just the right moment to make it seem like those bewildered eyes beneath the Caped Crusader’s mask are really reacting to his maniacal voice. Joke’s on you.

(via Bloody-Disgusting)

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