Someone you love likely won't make it out of Walking Dead S3 alive

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Dec 17, 2012

Fans of The Walking Dead are used to death at every turn. The drama has no problem killing off characters at the drop of a hat, and the new season follows in that tradition. Someone's going to become zombie chow.

TVLine's Ask Ausiello column confirmed our suspicions of another exit. When asked if a series regular would die by the end of the first half of season three, Ausiello gave a coy but definitive response.

"I can confirm that a series regular will become zombie kibble during Season 3, but whether that death takes place in the first half or second half I can't say."

If you're familiar with the comic, you may already have a heads-up on the rest of us. With the prison and the Governor in play, a lot of the characters will be put in grave danger. It's time for another one to bite the dust.

Who do you think will meet their maker?

The Walking Dead returns Oct. 14 on AMC.

(via TVLine)