Sony clarifies Venom, Black Cat and Silver Sable are not in the MCU

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Jun 26, 2017, 12:10 PM EDT (Updated)

Sony’s Amy Pascal made headlines when she said the studio’s new Spider-Man spinoff movies “all take place in the world” of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker — but that world is definitely not the MCU.

Pascal clarified her comments in a new statement, noting there is definitely no connection between the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and Sony’s Marvel Universe (which is essentially the Spider-verse). Of course, even when she teased those connections in the first place, it was pretty clear that she had misspoken. Marvel would never allow these franchises to connect without creative control, and it’s been clear these are projects Sony is taking up on its own.

Here’s the statement:

As for Spider-Man’s role in these Sony films, namely Venom and the Black Cat/Silver Sable project? It’s likely Sony will weave try to weave Holland’s Parker into these films in some way, if only because it’s super-weird to do a Spider-Man universe without Spider-Man. Just don’t expect him to make any references to his other adventures when/if he shows up.

The more we hear about these Sony side projects, the more you have to question the studio’s exact strategy. So Sony couldn’t make a Spider-Man movie that made enough money to keep a standalone franchise afloat (the reason for the MCU deal), so the new plan is to use side characters that are Spider-adjacent to anchor their own franchises? How does that sound like a good idea? Even if you slash the budgets down to a more manageable level (though something like Venom will certainly command a decent VFX budget), it still feels like a weird move in the wake of the Marvel Studios deal.

If anything, why not just go all-in with an expanded Marvel deal to roll the entire Spider-Man line into the MCU? You’d have to think Marvel Studios would be keen to add some Spidey-spinoffs to the mix (can you say Spider-Gwen?!) down the line, right?