Sony confirms Miles Morales will be the star of the animated Spider-Man movie

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May 3, 2017, 3:02 PM EDT (Updated)

When Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures made a deal to share film rights to Spider-Man nearly two years ago, it was not only the answer to a lot of fan prayers but also a chance to re-invigorate the flagship character for the big screen.

When it was was announced that the two studios would abandon the Amazing Spider-Man continuity in favor of a new live-action webslinger, many fans hoped the Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales, would get a turn. That didn't happen, but when Sony announced a stand-alone animated feature featuring the wallcrawler, it represented a second chance for Miles to get some big-screen glory.

Well, Miles fans will get their wish this time.

During an animation presentation on Wednesday, Sony confirmed that the still-untitled 2018 flick will indeed star Miles, the mixed-race teen who first took over Ultimate Universe Spider-Man duties in 2011. Veteran animators Bob Perischetti (The Little Prince) and Peter Ramsey (Rise of the Guardians) will helm the film, while The LEGO Movie masterminds Phil Lord and Chris Miller handle scripting duties.

We don't know yet how the film's plot will relate to Miles' comic book origin (in the comics, he inherits the mantle after the Ultimate Universe Peter Parker dies), who'll play Miles, what his costume will look like ... or much else about the flick. We do finally know, though, that Miles will get his moment, and we can't wait.